Yacht Party in Croatia

Sail Croatia for a week of Yacht Life. A white party on the beach in Makarska. Exploring Hvar on scooters and going to a night club on the beach inside a cave!

I’m Mark Watney. Still waiting for the crew to come back… sucks. Only have a few potatoes left. Well, gotta save energy so I’m gonna shutdown my laptop now. They say I’m allowed to watch 2 youtube videos a day max. Gotta replace the solar panels now, cya.

Hi.. well back here it was also quite cold here before 5 months.. yes Finland is cold but it have beautiful nature also.. greets from sunny and today very warm Croatia.. 🙂 and the next week.. real summer here.. it will be about 31 celsius.. 🙂

I am from Cro to correct you, do not live by the sea live n the land but I go to work at sea for three months and does not make itself Cro yourself fun than all these people who come from different places of the world they make it to the sea interesting ok themselves Cro people are friendly and still surprised by Croatia when I leave work at sea, the party is that where there is and I make ai are your friends, these guys are crazy fun, come in the winter at sea and to wish you’d come back in its place 🙂

Why don’t you figure out what a better life means to you? Did you know that you’re unique? Maybe the experiences depicted in the video are not really what you care for. Also, these experiences are so fleeting. They are not there any more, and when they were it was only a few weeks. As well, they put together a video. You don’t know what other things went on that may have deserved nothing more than a yawn or a shrug.


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