Guy’s the World’s Largest Tortoise found in Amazon sea its age around 529 /Hieght-59/Weight- 800 Pounds Incredible Naturality Please spread this Info to all over the World.

This particular picture showing a giant Tortoise was being shared widely through emails and social networking sites, but it is not a real Tortoise. The picture is actually a snapshot from a Japanese fantasy movie called “Gamera the Brave”. The movie is about a little boy who finds an egg that hatches into a baby turtle and then grown on to become a giant creature. You can see the snapshot of this tortoise in the movie here. Therefore, this is NOT the world’s largest tortoise found in Amazon sea, the story is a hoax and need not be shared.

Another similar hoax in the form of a you tube video shows a giant Tortoise carried by a truck. The video description claims it to be the world’s biggest tortoise. Again, it is not a fact. It is clearly visible in the video that the Tortoise was never moving. Moreover, if it was a real tortoise, it would have hidden itself inside its shell as it is being carried in a Truck that was traveling at Tortoise speed of light. It must be an Idol that was created for a museum, theme park or something of that sort.

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