Wicked Tree Gear Hand Saw Bushcraft outdoorsman

awesome backpack saw! Where can I get one? Now, on to my next question. Where can I get a pair of those rubber pac boots like the ones you are wearing in the video? I have looked everywhere, and just can’t find them anymore! When we were kids, these were all we wore hunting and I would love to have some of these again.

Yes it is my friend! google wicked tree gear but try ebay amazon etc.! I got those boots like 10 years ago I cant reamber they are SOREL Winter boots. There great for snow or hunting it don’t snow were I live so that’s why mine have lasted 10 years.

Got it. Found the saw on Amazon, AND the Sorel boots! of course the boots are made in China now, but what the F isn’t these days? I am sick and tired of my “Gore-Tex” hunting boots starting to leak after the 2nd or 3rd season. I’m going back to Pac boots!

Glad I could help! I just use those for the snow like I said it don’t snow here I use them once a year lol. I will do a video on boots soon I own as many boots as my wife owns shoes lol

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