What’s In Our Camera Travel Bags!? – Thailand

I shoot Canon, but currently have a kit lens for my 70D. I want to go to L glass and upgrade to full frame camera. I tried a 24-70 f2.8 which uses the USM focus motor instead of the STM focus motor. The USM noise is picked up by my Rode onboard microphone. How do you get around the focus noise being picked up in your video?

A6500 can do 4k and 120fps (1080p) Plus it has IBIS in body ..all for $1400… It’s a no brainer.. More of a travel camera due to size.. But I am not hating on you. Just pointing out things..The average film maker normally does not use a $6k dslr..Skin tones are subjective IMO
Anyway, do you..:)

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