UNESCO declared Indian National Anthem as Best in the World!

The story claims that UNESCO has declared the Indian national anthem “Jana gana mana..” as the best anthem of the world. Considering it as a proud achievement, it congratulates all Indians and further asks to spread the message.

Hoax or Fact: Hoax.

This story was widely circulating through emails, blogs and social networking sites. The message claiming that Indian national anthem “Jana gana mana..” was selected as the best in the world by UNESCO was never heard in any kind of news or media reports. If the story was a fact, it would be indeed a proud achievement for India and would have definitely got wide attention of the media. If UNESCO released such a statement, it would be readily available on their official website, which is no where seen.
This story actually started in 2008 when many such messages were circulating through emails. India Today, then wrote UNESCO about these stories and got a confirmation message from UNESCO that these messages are simply hoax, and that they did not select Indian or for that matter any national anthem as the best in the world.
These messages are in general started by pranksters who need some kind of attention, but these people must be aware of the fact that they are playing with the sentiments of Indians in the name of national spirit. Such messages should not be encouraged or shared.


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