Surfing Nicaragua

Traveling to Managua to watch a playoff baseball game in the capital city of Nicaragua. Some friends hooked us up with a skybox so we got to experience it from there as well as mingle with the crowds in the stadium and even play on the official field after the game with local kids. Went surfing in Maderas beach. We also shot some fun little skits for our Vine and compiled them here.

Hey guys thanks for coming to Nicaragua you really made me proud and have inspired me to do lots of things in my life and that I can do anything I want

Going to Nicaragua next month! I follow your IG and can’t wait to see your volcano boarding and jetpacking videos be posted!!! I hope to be able to do them when I go!

thank you for visiting my country Nicaragua!.Never have been to a baseball game in Managua!! Regards!!!

when you guys made the video about lima its was really good. cause when i went help me a lot and give me ideas what to do and visit when i went .

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