Simple D.I.Y Mood Lamp Ornament!

what does that have to do with him affording this stuff? Minecraft came out years ago and was much cheaper during the alpha/beta stages. Jobs change, prices change, and situations change so it’s very possible that someone can have minecraft and not be able to afford this craft.

It’s just like how homeless people can still have cell phones because odds are they haven’t been homeless their entire lives.

Don’t try to trap him just because he has a profile picture from a popular game.

I was thinking the exact same thought ! i think it’d be much brighter and prettier without the clay. Besides I KNOW me the clay would be all over the place.

I thought of the same, too! I think using the clay would be a bit messy and it may get smeared a bit on the glass stones – and there are colored round jars like these so it would be cool to add multi-colored stones too!

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