Rope Chain Saw

These are good saws, they have been around for 40 years that I know of, I made one of them back in the early 70ies, You can cut limbs, as high as you can toss the weight, And you can try a 1lb teardrop fishing weight, shot from a slingshot, Use Nylon string tied to your rope. good luck.

That’s a great tool, but you can’t buy them here in Australia. You could rig one up from a real chainsaw blade I guess, but at the inflated prices for everything down under, I found it was better to get the job done with a cheap ass pole saw like this one: How to cut a tree branch without a ladder for $37: Bunnings Hortex Pole Saw Pruner Review Buying a real chainsaw blade would’ve easily cost the same down under. You Americans have it good with those large big box stores, and Amazon actually shipping things other than books to you!

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