Reasons You May Want to Stay in Canary Wharf on Your Next Visit to London

Canary Wharf is set in the heart of the business hub, yet it is the ideal place to stay when visiting London. Commonly known as the business hub, this area is brimming with restaurants, pubs and more, not to mention it is on the transport route, so you can get in and around London with ease and within minutes.

The first reason you may want to consider staying in Canary Wharf when visiting London is the convenience of the Thames Water Taxi. The water taxi uses the river to get you to London and you can be at the Tower of London quickly This transport option is fast and it’s affordable, not to mention it is a fantastic way to view London from a completely unique angle.

The water taxi will also take you under the Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge is a very popular tourist site where you can enjoy the view from the river bank or walk along the bridge and learn more about it and how it works. But the one thing that makes the water taxi exclusive is it can offer you a chance to see the bridge from below. A completely different angle to be amazed by this spectacular structure.

Canary Wharf provides a relaxed ambience. Even though it is in the heart of a bustling city centre, the area is able to provide you with a calmer feel, whether you take a stroll along the river or you enjoy dinner at one of the fine restaurants. The great thing is that you get to enjoy this peace and quiet while being only minutes from the city centre. You can get to the attractions with ease, making use of any of the transport links.

The area has a selection of fine restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines. Whether you want a mouthwatering steak, fresh seafood, hearty British cuisine or French fine dining, you will find something to meet your taste buds. With such a wide variety it is easy to find the perfect restaurant for a relaxed family meal, a romantic dinner date or to finish off a business meeting after a long day.

In addition to this, staying in Canary Wharf means you can stay in one of the luxurious five star hotels that will offer you the best facilities and services. You can relax in a sophisticated and elegant guest room and after a long day of exploring the sites, you can head down to the wellness centre and order in room service. When staying in the area, you can enjoy sheer luxury, while being only minutes from London central.

While you may see Canary Wharf as a business district, you will be pleased to know the area is home to more than three hundred shops, restaurants and bars. There are gyms and much more. You can enjoy a relaxing meal in the evening and then take a stroll along the riverbank before heading back to your hotel room.

There are a choice of parks and gardens where you can relax and soak up a bit of sun on a warmer day. If you enjoy walking, then you can stroll along the paths in the parks and enjoy a quiet and relaxing experience while staying in the capital city.

Finally, the last reason why you may want to consider staying in Canary Wharf when visiting London is that there are sights and attractions on your doorstep. The Docklands Museum attracts thousands of visitors each year and is definitely worth the visit when staying in the area.

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