Real Estate Investing Flipping Houses By Wholesaling For Cash

Flipping Houses has many different exit strategies. Wholesaling real estate is one method investors use to flip. In this case study you will see how this how was flipped TWICE. What does this mean? Well, if you want to make it in real estate investing, you must be able to make money. However, if you are wholesaling houses to flip, you must also leave enough in the deal to make it real exciting for a cash buyer to buy it from you. In this house, the first investor made a handsome profit, and instead of keeping the house for a profit, the cash buyer turned around and flipped the house to another investor.

Key lessons: Use your motivated seller marketing strategies to find great deals and then you can decide how you want to profit with them. If you want to fix & flip houses, if you want to use them as income properties or if you want to wholesale the house for quick cash.

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