Pocket Chainsaw – Survival

Brah with a heavy axe or a hard swing from a hatchet you could break that shit one swing, hatches btw have always been the standard survival tool next to lighters so you lose Soviet Russia

People are so dumb, the title says “Pocket Chainsaw”. Emphasis on the fucking “Pocket”. Unless you are clown or a weirdo with huge pockets, why would you carry a hatchet in your pocket. Just because it says pocket does mean that you can put it in your pocket. It just means that it’s not as big as a chainsaw. The word Pocket is used to give the buyer the idea that it is small enough to store it in your pocket. Just like a pocket knife.

It probably can fit in a pocket…consider this, most people can fit their wallets or phones in their pockets, and this thing, when folded, could easily fit in a pocket. And ‘weirdo with huge pockets’ dafuq that supposed to mean, having huge pockets doesn’t make you a weirdo. Meant for camping and SURVIVAL SITUATION who the fuck would go around with a saw in his pocket casually? Who’s the fucking dumb one here, honestly I believe it’s you.

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