Playpen ♡ Mini Adult Baby Haul

Hey hey! This is just a quick mini haul as a bonus video for your patience on my absence and tardiness in posting a nursery tour! The nursery tour is coming tomorrow!!!
I hate that I have to disclaim this, but I know I’m going to get comments on it. I know I am talking in my regular voice even though I’m wearing a diaper and dressed babyish. That’s because I’m not regressed or actively age playing while filming. I am, however, still an adult baby, so I still dress this way when I want to relax and feel small, even if not regressing at the moment.

Even though personally I’m not into abdl or DDLG, (am into Kittenplay though) your videos make me extremely happy and get me into kitten space oddly enough cx you’ve made me accept myself in who I am, and I’m forever grateful

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