Planted Aquarium Table Centerpiece – 4 Gallon Bubble Bowl

Welcome to Greenwater Fish! This video explains in detail how to set up a planted aquarium as a table centerpiece, or as a regular planted aquarium. This video will discuss various common topics on a quick and basic level – see below for the time point for each topic. Hope you find some inspiration from this video. I will do a series of in-depth videos regarding planted aquarium in the future; again the discussion in this video is very brief but in reality, each topic is worthy of a whole video. So if you are interested in knowing some more advanced level info regarding planted aquarium, subscribe and you’ll hear from me soon!

DISCLAIMER: A minimum of 10G tank is STRONGLY advisable for the species mentioned in the video. Please do not attempt the same level of stocking unless you are an experienced fish keeper or as a temporary means.

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