ONLY way to Clean a Goldfish Bowl DIY Two Tank Method How to

too lazy to clean a fish bowl? lol if you were to clean a fish bowl with no filter out enough for them to be healthy they would need cleaning like 10 times a day. With a tank it’s still at least 50 percent of the water every week. I’m underfiltered so i do this several days a week

Bad advise does not deserve a thumbs up let alone a subscribe. Want a happy and (healthy) fish? A tank is where its at. Bowls are fishy death traps. Do your research guys. Have a happy fish that loves you. They can love you and even greet you if you give them a good home and love.

Kara Wolff fish bowls may be a small place but i mean as long as your fish is happy and this fish shows signs that it is happy and by the way i have had a male betta for three years already in a 1 gallon tank and it has been healthy since i bought it and yes it doesnt have a filter or a water conditioner but that doesnt mean the tank is a bad place to keep your fish infact the one who should do the research is you because fishes show signs of when they are happy or not.

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