NEVER Do This When Cutting Down A Tree!!

I worked on a storm crew several years ago, and had to clean up after a “professional” who cut down a large (roughly 3 ft across) oak tree, using EXACTLY the method that you demonstrated in this video. He had a rope in the top of the tree secured to the bumper of his minivan (remember, he WAS a professional), so as to make the tree fall the only safe direction there was in that location. But once he had made his cuts and there was nothing to keep the tree from snapping off, gravity and the wind took over and the tree fell exactly opposite the direction he wanted. Sorry, but a 4,000lb minivan just can’t compete with a 40,000lb tree. It dragged his vehicle roughly 100 ft across the homeowner’s front yard, and the tree took down the high-voltage power lines, telephone lines, and television cables across the road, broke the utility pole in the neighbour’s yard, and hit the house across the road. I shudder to think of how much his mistake cost him, because even if he were insured as a tree-cutting business (which I doubt), even insurance isn’t going to cover him for being stupid.

Tom Thumb The minivan was the least of his problems. Although good luck explaining THAT accident to your insurance company! “Duh… um, yeah… I just tied my van to a 40,000 lb chunk of oak and it didn’t work out… Is that covered?” As one of my old bosses pointed out, “insurance doesn’t pay for stupidity.” (Of course, if he HAD dropped it TOWARD the minivan like he planned, it probably would have crushed the minivan with him in it, since he grossly underestimated the size of the tree) They should have forcibly confiscated anything the guy owned that had anything whatsoever to do with cutting trees.

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