My Handsaw

The handsaw is the most important tool for me in doing tree work. In the woodshop, it is a tool that a lot of people just don’t understand. Follow along on this short presentation and see what I mean.

My pleasure Blair. The guy who runs the Disston “Heritage” Website says he has more that 127 uses now registered for the Nib and don’t anybody send him any more, unless they are Funny Ones …LOL.. My personal Favorite is that it was used to hold a Blade Guard. The Lanyard was tied or slipped around it for that end and another one for the Handle end.

Just to finish your saw. As shown on yours, it was made from “London Spring Steel” a Very Hard Steel. that allowed them to make the “Back/Top” somewhat Thinner for an easier and better Cut. It was apparently produced from the 1870’s to about the 1920’s. I made a copy of their 1876 Catalogue Page and yours was available in 8 Lengths from 16″ to 30″. I did a BIG WHAT! on the Price List. The 26″ Model was listed at a Retail of $35.00 PER DOZEN! HELLO! I guess a Buck back then was worth a lot more than it is today.

You have a Very Nice Saw there my Friend compliments of your Grandfather! Grandfathers are Special People! “Life’s Cycle Continues.”

Just a little aside. I’m almost laughing at the number of Videos on here about “How To Straighten A Saw Blade.” BUT! Most of the top name saws came with a built in “Bend” maybe even yours. It was called “Breasting” and was there to give a Better and Easier Cut by eliminating problems caused by a Straight Blade. Logic tells you that to make a straight cut you need Straight Blade. Jury is still out on “Breasting.”

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