Layered Sand Succulent Planter

To me, it looks like its a really small amount of space for all of those plants to grow? How healthy do those stay after 4-6 months ? Danielle B I’m guessing its made that way as an attractive arrangement for her customers. Just like a beautiful packaging… Hopefully once they get them home they can transplant as soon as they begin to grow out 🙂 i just love the pretty sand! Danielle B if you have been watching her videos you would know she’s not going to leave them in there for a long time. trust me, she knows what she’s doing. She has mentioned in her other videos that her arrangements aren’t meant to last more than a few months.

She takes them apart and returns each plant to single pots to await the next arrangement project. I was watching someone elses video on how to get succulents to flower well and apparently they do better in if their container doesnt have a lot of space for root growth so they then put it more into their flowers.

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