How To Make A Water Candle – DIY Burning Water Candle

Absolutely easy and beautiful way to make candles. Water Candles can be made in water glasses, wine glasses, vases, small fish tanks etc. They look fantastic, burn for a long time and will cost you less than dollar! To find out how to make water candles exactly – watch my video tutorial. But here is a list of stuff you will need for one: a glass, water, olive oil (or sunflower oil), plastic bottle, 1 birthday candle (wick), scissors and beads (beads are not necessary)! It will take you 5 minutes (or even less) to make one water candle but it will decorate and illuminate your home for long-long hours. I prefer to put some beautiful stuff on the bottom to create a “magic world” inside it. In my video you will see few options to decorate your water candles – with beads, with water balls, with lavender sea salt (for bath) and with tiny stones from my fish tank and a small Seahorse. But you can create your own style, sure. So set the water on fire and impress your friends with DIY burning water! Good luck!

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