How to Make a Travel Video

One of my best travel videos came about without any preparation, I just kept recording always moving, although you guys say it’s awkward and difficult, it’s the only way to portray the motion and it felt right, just finding a perfect balance although you have to push and see beyond to keep recording.
As you dudes also point the flaws of DSLR, for travel video, I was lucky to have a compact Sony RX100, amazing size-quality and stabilization. But now I embrace a DSLR as I want better quality. On another point, It looks like I filmed loads and yes, but not that much, just a few clips for every event of the day, loads of stuff I forgot to film or just did photos, keeping it short and paced was key. On the Vimeo, there is my blog and I explain more about everything, which indeed the editing is always tricky to time and fit when you don’t have a plan, but it’s so much fun (snapshot of my edit timeline craziness there). Take time to find the perfect song and experiment.

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