How to make a Betta Fish Bowl Cover

How to make Betta fish bowl cover. Whilst bowls are not ideal for Bettas, the fact is many people still use them. This cover helps provide the best environment within the limitations of a bowl and the maximum amount of swimming room while keeping the Betta fish safe. I’ve heard and read so many stories of Bettas jumping out of their bowls. Bettas are tropical fish and do need a heater. The link for the heater is in the description box below. Visit our website for full step by step instructions you’ll find all you need under the Betta Fish tab.

*If you are just checking out Betta fish as possible pets, please do not get a bowl, vase or any other small glass ornament. Bettas need to be in a tank with room to swim. The minimum recommended tank size for a Betta is 2.5 gallons. This video was not made to advocate the use of bowls but to provide a temporary solution for those using them who are not in an immediate position to improve the Bettas living conditions.

Lifewithpets I agree with everything you said. I have one betta that is very shy and scared of large spaces. I had him in a larger tank but he was constantly scared, wasn’t eating, etc. I didn’t think he was sick, but wanted to keep an eye on him for the next few days and put him in a slightly smaller tank so I could clean it every other day just in case he was catching on to something. For the next few days he was thriving, and back to his energetic happy self. Like your betta you mentioned before, I think he likes slightly smaller spaces. My other betta is the exact opposite. Shimmer (The betta that likes smaller spaces) is happy and thriving in a 2.5/2 gallon (The box said two gallon but the actual tank said 2.5 so I’m not sure) and is 4 years old.

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