This is a tutorial on how to build an LED light for your aquarium with out the need for tools, or previous skills needed.

I found that to have a nice looking light, you need around 10 watts per square foot of tank. For a planted tank, 20 watts per square foot.
For a reef, 70 watts per square foot.

Did anybody realize how the fish reacted to the light color change? at 24:33 they went all down to the bottom of the tank. It is very interesting to see it. Maybe in their natural enviroment that precise color meant something, like a dangerous time of the day to be up in the top of the water because is when predators come around. Very interesting :)

Cool video , I built your auto topoff project and it runs great thanks for that post but I just checked out rapid led and with their prices I can just purchase two black boxes with dimmers already assembled for 1/2 the price of one diy light. It’s a real bummer cause I was getting the itch to do this project when I watched the video but should be cheaper if you have to assemble it in my opinion, thanks for the cool videos though I enjoy watching them all.

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