How To Cut Down A Tree

I am a professional tree feller. You did a ok job trying to teach someone how to fall a tree. Just enough to get someone killed. A beginner or even a novice should never try to fall a tree in any other direction except directly to the lean of the tree. So you have failed to teach how to determine the direction of the lean. 70% down cut? NEVER. The pie cut should be 40% deep into the tree, unless there is a substantial lean. If there is a substantial lean, CALL a professional, its going to barber chair and split up the tree and kill you when it kicks back and falls. I have 12 years as a feller, Yarder High lead cable logger. I was always in charge and nobody ever got seriously hurt in all my years of being the foreman on the logging jobs. I am also a professional tree climber.

MrFishone777 what is a barber chair in reference to felling? Just curious, man. I’m interested in this type of occupation, and dont even onow what a good beginner saw would be? I have been told Stihl 260, but haven’t done much inquiry yet.

260 is a good saw. A husky 550XP also. Both are professional grade saws. A good beginner saw is the one you can afford AFTER buying the forestry helmet, safety glasses, chaps, boots and gloves. And get a copy of “To Fell a Tree” by Jeff Jepson. Google Barber chair and let the video answers fill your shorts. Learn this trade with the enthusiasm of a kickass BUD/S student or earn a living another way.

A barber chair is a tree that, while in the process of receiving the back cut, splits lengthwise and leaves a vertical piece of wood on top of the stump. The remaining piece sticking up in the air is reminiscent of a chair. The end result is bad really bad if your in the way. I’m a 6th generation logger, I fell timber in the logging industry for over 10 years, we are mainly mechanized now. I only said my experience to tell you to not get into this profession its hard to make money and you have to be real good to do well. And besides now with all the new machinery it has taken the loggers of the ground for the most part. Logging or being an arborists they are both hard professions to make a living at anymore. You will beat the heck out of yourself too.

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