How to cut a tree branch without a ladder for $37: Bunnings Hortex Pole Saw Pruner Review

This video shows the cheap Hortex manual pole pruner and saw in action. I bought this from Bunnings for AUD $36.93 – if you can find a cheaper pole saw, comment below! It also shows how terrible I am at sawing stuff, and how a pole pruner saw works in real life for the amateur weekend warrior. Come to for more elcheapo tool reviews! okay, I noticed the teeth on your saw is way different than mine, mine are big square type teeth, and it took me 40 minutes to cut down some rubbery branch about 3″ diameter… keep in mind I’m a woman weighing about 100 lbs… that may have been why it took so long, but I’m hoping the teeth had something to do with it…

CLCinflorida what were you cutting? it looks like you live in Florida, I do as well. I was trying to cut palm branches on one of our trees that’s finally gotten tall enough I can’t reach it. I tried every which way and it would only cut pushing the blade, not pulling. after 15 minutes and 1/4″ in, I’m now on YouTube looking for a solution.I’m a bigger guy so that’s not an issue. the blades/teeth couldn’t be any sharper. the only way to get a good cut is pulling it down. but when I do, the teeth sink into the palm and it won’t budge. I tried pulling down a little more gently and thats the same result. the moment the teeth dig in its stuck. I even tried doing it just pushing but once it bites it just pushes the branch around.
I feel pretty dumb being outsmarted by a branch,
anyone have any ideas?

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