How To Apply Perfume & Common Mistakes

Eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de perfume, and perfume.. so many kinds and they all have different prices and intensities. There are a few must knows, so pay attention and save yourself time and money!

Firstly, I am not even Asian but you are my favourite youtuber. Unlike, literally EVERY other youtuber I watch, you seem to put a lot of research behind everything you mention in each of your videos. I find your intelligent take on a lot of matters SO reliable and refreshing. I feel instead of how other youtubers ramble on unintelligibly, you actually have something worthwhile to offer to your viewers. Secondly, just figured out you live in Australia like me and that just makes you like 70% more loveable

If you guys want good advice on storing your fragrances the right way, ensuring scent won’t go off: keep it in its original packaging in a cabinet/closet or anywhere where is dry and cool. I wouldn’t recommend to store it in the bathroom because of the humidity when taking a shower that can ruin the scent.

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