Hand Cutting Board With 42 Inch Handsaw

How long does it take to cut a 54 inch African Sumac board from a log with a Curtis 42 inch handsaw? I try to use an adze for the first time to flatten the top of the log, and then using a makeshift log stand cut a board from the log. Along the way learn some techniques for cutting lumber by hand from a log.

African Sumac twists like crazy. Much moreso than Mesquite even. I guess its just the way the wood is, but I have two African Sumac logs sitting in my backyard just waiting to be ripped down. I was actually debating trying something like this and when I saw the description, I clicked it immediately.
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For those who don’t know, cut a piece of African Sumac and leave it out in the sun for a day or so. It gives itself a sunburn! Beautiful, ruddy red color to the wood. You can actually see the color in the end of the log at 0:30ish seconds into the video. It starts out with a pale pink color from a fresh cut, then turns red. My logs will become guitar and bass guitar fretboards.

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