Grown Man or Baby?

Dr. Phil is talking with people with unusual syndromes and fears. Brett, 24, is a retail employee by night and an 18-month-old baby by day. He admits to wearing diapers, sleeping in a custom-made crib and having his girlfriend, Cat, bathe, change and spoon-feed him. Watch a day in the life of Brett as an adult baby.

Black Some people are younger in their head and there is nothing wrong with that. I, myself, am 8 years old in my head. I like stuffed animals, drawing, eating too many sweets, and watch Disney films; that doesn’t mean I’m like that all the time. At 25, I do everything people my age do: University courses, pay bills, part time job, pay rent, go out with friends, go to parties, etc. Sometimes I enjoy being 8 and revisiting the fun I used to have during that time.

you wanna hear a joke, one day this guy wakes up one morning and was in shock to find out his balls were unusually grown double in size. then he decides to ” grow up” dressing up as a adult , get a job all that stuff, then he finds out he actually has cancer the hole time…. he starts crying and acting like a baby all over again.

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