Good Hand Saw for Hinge Cutting Trees for Deer Habitat

Jim Brauker shows how to gently hinge cut trees so they stay alive to create better deer habitat using a Silky Zubat hand saw. He also uses a pull down tool to gently lay the tree on its side to keep the tree alive in order to create great whitetail habitat.
The more horizontal cover you can create, the better the deer like it.

Great video! I was comparing the different Silky hand saws on their web site and was lucky to realize some Silky blades are not for sharpening and some are. The Zubat you are using is not made to be sharpened. That is what you want unless you enjoy sharpening saws. It is made to stay sharp a very long time. Another thing is the maximum diameter the saw is designed to cut. Silky explained that 1/2 the length of the blade is the general guide. The Zubat 330mm is the largest Zubat with a 13″ blade. So it should easily handle up to 6 1/2″ trees as your video clearly demonstrates. I will be buying a Zubat 330 and my deer are going to love me for it. Thanks a bunch!

Healthy is a relative term NT. This is a canopied woods with far too many trees in it. Many of them will never fully develop because they are being outcompeted by surrounding trees. A healthy forest is one that allows trees to reach their full potential. it is not healthy to have a bunch of stunted trees and no new growth on the ground. 
Jim, thank you for posting these videos. I used a good hand saw last year to to do almost all of my hinge cuts I learned from your videos. Coupled with my rope, wedge, and hammer, it didn’t take long to make some ‘holding’ areas for deer. Over the winter and fall deer were using these areas as their hotspots. Any new shoots off of the trees were quickly gobbled up. Hope to see more growth on them this year. Thanks for sharing.

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