Felling Trees With Crosscut Saws – Wranglerstar

Jones It absolutely does!! Had a, 8 year old neighbors kid – who had severe ADHD (at least, that’s what the doctors said, I’m still doubting it) – help me clean out the back yard a few years ago, literally letting him help me drag and throw around wood and use a small hatch to chop up some small branches (under my supervision, of course). And he did an amazing job + he slept like an angel afterwards. Didn’t hear a peep from him during the “work out” either, which was very unusual for him, trust me. He had a blast and was very proud that he was “ALLOWED” to help someone. I use the brackets in “allowed” because his grandmother was overly protective of him, and I mean the kind you would see in the TV show “worst mother” or something. He was barely allowed to come outside, he had to sit down on his ass all day long when home, but I didn’t give a fuck about her nagging and BS. I just called him to the backyard and he ran over like he was chased by some vicious dog. LOL Kids need to be outside and need to be kids. And boys need to be boys. Give them something to physically show that they are a boy and they are happy. The boy enjoyed himself, he was laughing and sweating like a horse (don’t worry, I provided enough sugarless fluids and snacks for him), and you could tell by his HUGE smile that he was very happy because he was able to do something productive with his overabundance of energy. ^^ I’ll always remember that little boy (he’s now 21).

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