Felling Trees with a Bow Saw

In this video I show you how to fell a tree with a bow saw. I cover all the things you need to think about in terms of safety, appropriate tools, and techniques for felling the trees. For more information on safety and the proper felling of trees,

I was dismayed at how close you remained to the tree as it fell. Especially with your right leg apparently right behind it in the kick-out zone. This after all the safety talk at the beginning!

I can’t say I’ve ever debarked a tree before felling it. I usually use my axe to open up the face cut on it before making my felling cut with either my axe or bowsaw, depending on the size of the tree and the saw I have with me. To me, where the saw really shines is when it comes to bucking up a felled and limbed tree into 6ft (roughly 2m) logs to haul out, and then back home to buck them further into 21-24 inch rounds to season. It saves usable wood, and a ton of energy that way.

Thanks for this great safety video and saw recommendation. I read a lot of reviews on the saw and it really seems like the best bow saw around. I cut, de-limbed and bucked my first large tree today by hand. With safety in mind it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would to down and de-limb the tree. But bucking it into smaller logs took quite some time, and a lot of work. I read in a post you also buck your tree’s with the bow saw, any advice to make it easier?

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