Felling Giant Tree With Crosscut Saw

The guy has a channel about homesteading with a prime focus on cutting wood and people are offended when he cuts down a tree in his videos— I don’t get it. Sure, I like trees but I also like 2x4s, paper, toilet paper, floors, cabinets, furniture, campfires, barns, sheds, buildings, tool handles, railroad ties, picture frames, baseball bats, bird houses, bat boxes, boats, truck beds, anything made out of wood and the entire history of human friggin beings!!! I use oil for heat though.´╗┐

to all the hippies complaining about the tree being cut down why don’t you first get a job second pay taxes third buy your own property and then save your own trees. if you don’t do all three of these things already then shut up and keep farting in your wine glasses´╗┐.

what am i doing with life. I just spent an hour or so watching differnt ways to cut trees. But i know ill probably never need this knowledge nor am i a lumberjack´╗┐

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