Face First Into an Ice Tube at 100 km/h!

Traveling to Whistler BC for a full Canadian winter adventure! We went ATVing in the forest and then got to go down an official Olympic bobsled track face first on a small sled.

Just actively save up and plan ahead. If you’ve got a stable job and don’t have huge debts you need to prioritize, then it won’t actually take that long at all to save enough for something like this. For example the Whistler bungee is $130 a person for first-timers, and includes transportation and all that good stuff. Plus, they areeee living in Vancouver after all. As a Vancouverite myself I can tell you that you’ll have to be fairly well off to live here. Provided you aren’t the typical college student paying their own tuition and stuff of course. I mean when regular single houses in the middle-ish of the city costs $5 million (my friend’s neighbour selling this right now), you get an idea…

Spiritusify Yes prioritizing is number one. Consider your monthly expenses at home. Rent, car, school, food, going out, random purchases, etc. If you can free up your time and location and still sustain an average income, from a remote job for example and eliminate those expenses by going to another country where your dollar goes further you’ll find that traveling isn’t so expensive. Millions of people live in Indonesia or Thailand on 200 a month. If you could make 1k remotely you can travel somewhat comfortably in many places around the world.

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