Expert Private Part Bleaching Advice for Indian Skin

have to help mi,,mine english is not so good,,i,m a mother from 2 girls but i,m come from surinam……mine vagina and mine anus sorry for use this word,,is to black and between miy leggs,,im same have sex with miy husband….please mam help me what can i use pleaseeeee,,,,,,i will pay for everything please help me´╗┐

please don’t have any unrealistic expectations. You cannot lighten your face to match the rest of your body’s skin color. There are products out there but they are hazardous to your health and may cause you quite a bit of damage. Take good care of your skin. Get facials. Eat a healthy diet. Drink lots of water for glowing blemish free skin. Then the rest won’t matter. Learn to love yourself as you are! Best of health to you,

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