Epic Flyboarding Flips and Bails

We tried flyboarding and water jetpacks for the first time in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. Parker got ran over, everybody got sacked but overall it was the coolest 30 minutes that 40 dollars could buy!

This is great but I miss the old travel chapters, the 15 minutes or even longer ones. I think you should have combine all of the Nicaragua videos into one video or something like that but there all great just wish there was more to them.

I can’t reply to you directly I guess because of Google pulse or whatever but. Idk I guess the longer ones with more detail pulled me into the trip more and I felt like I was there on the trip with them. With these I just feel like I’m watching their trip which is still cool though.

Awesome video! You guys have too much fun its beauty. Try out the Hoverboard when you get a chance as well its a whole new experience.

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