Dollhouse Paris: a miniature home as bachelor pad in Pigalle

Jean-Malo’s “garçonière” (bachelor pad) is a full-sized home (on a miniature scale) in the center of Paris (Pigalle). When he first bought the property, it was being used to store flowers for a local shop. He turned it into a cozy, custom home for one: he has a mini dishwasher, 2-burner stove, microwave oven (that you need a “phD to operate”) and a bed that “just fits” (he cut the end of it had a mattress made to measure).

I’ve recently started volunteering for Cal Earth in Hesperia ,Ca. This company educated people on how to build homes with earth bags. They have also provided assistance to disaster areas for emergency shelters. At the moment I am involved with the development of an education kit to bring to disaster areas around the world. I think it would be a great company for you to look into because they share the same sustainable ideals. How does one get in touch with you and your faircompanies?

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