DIY – Cheap and Easy LED Aquarium Lighting

With 15 tanks to light I needed to find a cheap cost low power consumption solution.
I found this super easy build using 5050 LED ribbon. It wont grow high light demanding plants, but the result is quality lighting for $2 per foot!!!!! And less than 1/2 the power consumption of T8’s!!!!

I would definitely be interested in a more detailed video of this build. I’ve been thinking about trying to do something like this to supplement my light that I currently have on my 75 gallon. A step by step how to video would be worth its weight in gold to me. Great video and the light looks really good on that tank!

Ok so if I was doing a 2 sections at 6′ per section this is 2×6’=12′ meaning the amp needed would be 4.392? Is this math done,correctly. Reason I ask is because I have a 125g tank that I want to go planted. I’m going to try and run multiple lights. If I were to do 3 part light set 2 sets are identical the third would be different. So inner lights would be 2 strips at 72″ per for my blue on independent. Then have 2 sections with 3 strips per sections 2 white and one red. So that would be 3×72″ or 3×6’=18′ meaning 6.5amps per is that math right?

I like your ideas a lot here(been watching a lot of these on YT), yea I like shopping on eBay/Amazon & Home Depot too. I’m prob. one of the last changing my lights still! haha… I’m so attached to my old timey stuff. LOL. I changed 1 c,ause had a hood that had came w/a kit I bought for the tank. I want a cheaper way to do all my tanks & this is great, thanks so much for sharing. Also for anyone needing cords/plugs they sell them at GoodWill for .99 cents, I’ve heard some sell them for 1.99. Mine has buckets & buckets of cords. U just have to dig. I subbed to your channel, like your videos & look forward to having time to watch more. ;)

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