Daz Watches Binkie Princess

that’s not true, she explains it better in her Video “Clearing up assumptions”, so please go watch it, she doesn’t do that because she got abused. She just likes to do it and there is not more to it.

ok so I thought I’d share my point of veiw, I am a little in the ddlg communitiy. I am a single mom who works her as off to pay bills and take care of my child and I do a very good job of it, but sometimes it’s to much. sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else take care of you. Some times I relieve the most stress just dressing up in pig tails with my kitty ears and coloring or watching a Disney movie. It is a literally distraction and it makes me feel safe and warm and comfortable “daddy doms or mommy domi” sets rules and takes care of there little, gives them a safe place to truly express how they feel and yes sometimes that means being a brat or acting like a baby. Ddlg has nothing to do with pedophilia. daddy doms mommy domi’s or caregivers enjoy being and feeling needed and what’s the best way to be needed make someone dependent on you. yes sometimes in some ddlg relationships there are sexually aspects to it but a lot of ddlg relations have a bdsm theme. (Bondage Domination Submission And Masochism) which usually involves rougher play, respect, ownership. The reason why people try to asocociate it with pedophilia is because the littles dress up like 3 to 5 year olds and regress plus in most cases the littles are younger then the “bigs” (term to describe the dom) if it was pedophilia they wouldn’t be with girls with adult boobs and adult bodies…

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