Conquering the Mechanical Bull

We spent the day at the Calgary Stampede watching rodeos, riding mechanical bulls and playing on all the carnival games and attractions.

It’s strange, as jealous as I am for you guys you’ve easily become my top inspiration to someday be privileged enough to live a very similar lifestyle. Through my childhood, I always thought about how cool it would be to be a teen doing “crazy stuff”(or how I pictured it). But now that it’s reality, it sucks(I’m 17). I don’t have anything close to assets at my disposal to achieve “crazy stuff” before the end of my teenage years. Thinking it through a bit more this time, I now relize that once I’m at the stage you’re all at in my own life, it’ll actually be possible financially, and by becoming my own governing factor. Keep doing what you’re doing guys!

Landon Lucero Landon, you are your own creator of “crazy stuff”. We make travelling and adventures a priority in our lives, so that’s where our time, energy, and money goes. You have all the resources to do the same! Start small, dream big, and take action my man!


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