Wow! That is amazingly simple! This is why I love your videos. You demystify everything so that the general hobbyist isn’t overwhelmed by it all. You empower us and help us to realize, “Hey, I can do that!” Thank you sir!

It seems to me that if you bought a long enough strip of lights you could weave it back and forth several times in the gutter/housing and get something bright enough to support a planted aquarium. At the very least you could build up enough illumination to take care of plants with low light requirements.

These are not a practical choice for a planted aquarium. They are no where near as strong as what would be needed. I mention their ideal use in the video and also mention they would not be useful on a planted tank or reef tank.

Each LED is not even 1 watt. they are closer to 0.10 watts.

A planted tank needs around 30 watts per square foot of tank.

EXAMPLE: So for an 4 foot long 55 gallon planted aquarium (4 square feet) we need 120 watts of LED lighing power.

Even if we buy the 60 LED/meter light strip, that would only be around 8 watts of power.

MEANING you will need to buy 15 of these strips to MAYBE match what a good LED light fixture can do. (15 strips = $345)

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