camera shopping in tokyo

we go shopping for a new camera in Yodobashi Camera Akihabara, get our hair cut in Azabujuban at Gold Salon Tokyo, and eat some pretty great veggie food finds (Buri in Azabujuban and Komaki shokudo in Akihabara). plus cats. lots of cats.
I’m so upset I didn’t find you and Duncan sooner. You’re both so seriously cute and seem awesome to be around! You have a terrific eye for what is beautiful (i.e. the Tokyo shots w/ the new Lumix, & also Duncan), and you brighten my day, which is a thing few can do, so know that you are doing real good for people just by being yourself, but also know that we all appreciate all the hard work you do (editing into the dead of night). Much love from the states! (East coast represent!)

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