Cahuita: Laid Back Costa Rica Living

Cahuita, located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is vibrant with fauna and flora adorning a tranquil lifestyle. This coast is part of the Limon province which is divided by north and south. The northern coast is accessible by small boat crafts through incredible canals while the southern coast offers beach front roads that shimmer with aqua, crystal waters and white and black sand beaches. Cahuita is not only a renowned National Park but also a quaint town for Costa Rica living and is less than an hour south of Port Limon.

Cahuita National Park is well-known for the Leatherback Turtles that lay their eggs on the slim peninsula which forms Cahuita. The town has two entrances both merge to the main road a few blocks long leading to the park’s entrance. At the entrance there is the typical bar-restaurant and a bridge allows you to cross the stream that feeds into a little cove for quick and nice swimming access without having to officially enter the park. That is just a little highlight of Cahuita living.

Across from the typical bar-restaurant where you can admire the horizon over a cold Imperial beer or refresco natural (natural juice) with a boca (typical appetizers) on most days you can find a petit yet strong elderly man sitting on a comfortable rocking chair in front of his tinted sliding glass door. At peace and content contemplating the pristine nature and the peacefulness of his birth place one will unconsciously look twice at this renowned Cahuita local, Walter Ferguson.

Calypso is the local folk music of this unique Caribbean town and Walter Ferguson is one of its protagonists. His rough soft voice reflects the un-pruned nature that warmly greets you day and night with Cahuita living. His lyrics in Patois, the English based creole language of the southern Caribbean Costa Rican coast, mixed with the original calypso rhythms illustrate the characteristic harmony between man and nature of Cahuita living. Cabin on the Water, a classic Calypso song, speaks for itself.

Cahuita’s main attraction for tourism is the National Park where people come to learn and witness the incredible Leatherback turtles in their various life-cycles and to view the incredible insect world such as giant grasshoppers, or butterflies with as many colors of a rainbow. The park offers a visual feast of other small mammals that live in its pristine and unique environment. And is one of the best ways to present the wonders of Cahuita’s beauty with the sounds of the Caribbean sea and the diurnal-nocturnal animal and insect life.

The town of Cahuita itself is quaint with all your immediate necessities; mini supermarket, fresh seafood, butcher shop, Caribbean local cuisine coupled with lush landscapes, birds to sing for you at dawn and dusk, the neighborhood sloth and the afternoon visits from the howler monkey family. There is a public as well as private school from pre-Kinder through high school. The children of Cahuita display a wonderful mixture of cultures with a combination of Creole and English speech which is spoken as much if not more than Spanish.

Some of the houses, including thisĀ home for sale by owner, and businesses of Cahuita for the most part look a bit rough around the edges, but that is part of the unique beauty of this sleepy little Caribbean beach town. A town that preserves its original architecture and reflects the tropical air with its embracing salty breeze. Costa Rica living in Cahuita is privileged, encapsulated in a dynamic sanctuary, savory with hints of coconut on the palate.

Born in the United Stated, Kelcey S. Johnson has lived in Costa Rica for the majority of her life and knows it intimately. In addition to caring for her young family, Kelcey spends her time writing about Costa Rica and also works as a performing artist. As a writer, she encourages readers to review the link or links within her articles.

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