Building your Own DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

reusing and reducing items that go to waste is way more effeceint than recycling. Recycling, though much better than throwing away, still impacts the environment, so beyond recycling more we should be trying to reduce what we get rid of from our homes as much as we can and learning to reuse many items we normally get rid of.

Hi that’s great , I too have grown plants in water and also done what u do too . But word of advice about plant u are trying to help save . You have to remove dead leaves n branches on it as they take any of food or nutrients u may be giving it even if dead and healthier part of plant doesn’t get much ! Just trying to help and i too know about plants n gardening n trees . I had 3 trees and one was 4 feet n other almost 6 feet an another only 2 feet and u can stunt a trees growth really cool ! also 70 something plants in my home a i love them and great for putting more oxygen in your home .Good luck : )

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