Best DIY Planted Aquarium LED lighting

Best DIY planted aquarium LED lighting. These planted aquarium LED lights ran me $70 on amazon and that was with shipping. they grow aquarium plants for sure. they don’t have an on/off switch so a timer is a must {lights should be on a timer anyways guys} I can almost certainly say they have the power to grow any plant in any planted aquarium well.

If you bend a sheet of aluminum around the top of em and hang em with braided wire , they’ll look just like the $800 ADA Solar lights. Thats what I did on my 20w spotlight for my 5 g. best $12 ive spent and looks great. Also, there are timers you can buy with manual on/off switch.

Nice planted tank. I actually took my Lumiy Lightline 1250 LED desk lamp and set it for my planted tank. It is the cheaper, better alternative than an aquarium LED. The Lightline 1250 is massively bright 1100 lux and runs in the 5000-6000k temperature range (this is the cool white LED range). 

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