Adult Baby’s New Room!!!

I know its late for me to be replying to this. I understand you have your own opinion on this subject but its very rude to leave a post like that on someone’s video. Especially a video that shares an individual’s personal lifestyle. It takes a lot of courage to share something so vulnerable about oneself. Comments like that can be very hurtful. If you don’t like the content, just watch something else on youtube.

Lego Smurfs? That’s so cool! I love the new boxes on top of your cupboards. I”m proud to say that I’ve even slept in that room – how lucky am I! I got to cuddle Toots and even Pinkie, and of course Barkley and Big Bear is very soothing late at night when you’re very tired. This is wonderful, and Daddy Denis did a super job filming, that’s a small space. Imagine if we’d tried to film when the air bed was on the floor . . . that would have been funny.

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