Adult Baby Fetishists PISS OFF Their Neighbors

Heres the thing though… I’m not even an SJW. They’re all a bunch of bitter ugly virgins who are mad at the world because they can’t get laid. Equality my ass. Let’s face it, there will never be equality no matter how hard anyone fights. It’s just in human nature to want to be better than someone else, so equality is a hell of a lie. Btw, you’re being excluded because you’re a man in diapers. That doesn’t qualify for anything, honey 🙂 Also, nice approach? Heres your first comment, nothing added. Just your first straight out comment to me. Anything that’s rude or childish will be in bold and my thoughts will be in parentheses. “so….. its NOT a fetish for so many, and what are YOU gonna do about it? hmmmm???? (already starting with the taunts. Yet this is the “nice approach”…) Lets bakeract everyone for not enjoying Kardashian culture (so, I guess anyone who isn’t a fucking grown ass man in a diaper is someone who enjoys “kardiasian coulture”, right?) and wearing the same shit sunglasses, and cloths as latte sipping douche bag hipsters…. (Again, because everyone who isn’t a grown ass baby is a hipster douche, right? Because obviously that’s how THAT works) *yeahhhh smite those who are different yeahhhh”

So, notice how almost everything is in bold. Funny, I guess you mistaked the the word “nice” for the word “rude and childish” yes, my first approach may uave been rude too, but that would have been easily fixed if you approached it more respectfully. You be a bitch, you get the bitch… and trust me, once the bitch is out, she doesn’t go back lol. Doubt you’d read this because whatever, but if you do, get the point through. What kind of a nice approach was that? Look, I’m usually cooperative if the conversation starts out cooperative, but you chose to be snooty… So good luck with spreading the word.

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