Adult Baby Dub

Nancy, everyone has their kinks, this guy just happens to enjoy spending a few hours dressed and roleplaying as a baby. you should educate yourself more on whats truly sickening.

Oh I know. At the time all I had at the time was the older kids size lego’s. At the time I just didn’t have the money to throw out for bags of toddler lego’s. They are 15-18 dollars a bag and you only get about 25 blocks. So to build much of anything you really need at least 3 bags to do it. These days though I do own the toddler lego’s. The other thing to remember is as a adult I also like lego’s. The lego’s I had for the show is the box I have had since I was a kid. I have always loved lego’s. So having both I use the toddler size now when role playing, and the older kid size when I am not role playing. :)

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