Cabbit lmao I assume you’re a mental diaper lover as well. Too obvious you’re literally defending some sick pedophile who likes underwear babies wear just to shit and piss in them. If that’s not something to shun then let’s just allow pedophilia to be. What the fuck happened to regular sex? Fucksake the human race is cringe so many “fetishes” no it’s a mental disorder called sexual obsession disorder they like regular sex then instead of not jerking off they look for new fetishes and grow from there. Yea a mental disorder say it’s normal idc the facts prove its a mental disorder. Fetishes develop from us humans because of hypersexuality half of the shit we do as humans is sex and the more we do it the worse our head gets common sense you’re just defending your stupid and pathetic fetish even though it’s clearly a mental disorder get that into your thick skull.

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