29 Year Old Man Living Like A Baby

This is one of the problems of the internet age. A person can be a complete weirdo, but he can go on the internet and find other weirdos like him and, instead of being properly ashamed, considers his sick, perverse, abnormal, grotesque, freakishness validated.

butlerproman yeah ok but if he’s not harming anyone the who cares?? like ok we care bc we’re curious and all but when you start making opinions and offending ppl it’s like ok, how does this affect you? it’s the same with homophobes and racist like how does this person being this or that harm humanity? it doesn’t so whatever :)

MirzaEster This “He’s not harming anyone, who cares?” mentality is stupid. It doesn’t matter if he’s not harming anybody, this shit isn’t normal. It’s not normal to act like a baby at the age of 29. You’re an adult at the age of 29, and you should act like one!

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