21-Year-Old Girl Lives as a Baby

Yeah there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean people draw pictures, and sometimes color them in as artists lol. Sometimes when I used to get really anxious I would just draw random pictures, and color them in and it would help with the stress cause you’re just focusing you attention on something. Sometimes Paul’s style has some flaws where he gets so emotionally hyped up that he exaggerates some things here and there to fit his narrative. That’s just my critic and what i’ve seen in a lot of videos. But overall the rest of the video is good, and I feel he only does this just to maintain his style of videos and get his point across, but he really shouldn’t sacrifice the integrity of a good video like that. He has good intentions, and is an intelligent guy, and for the most part I don’t have an issue with him. Our culture is regressing into normalizing obscenities through P.C. and cowards.

I think that’s a good point. But I feel things like Pedophiles are already a hard subject to assess “what’s what” cause most of the stuff that happens with pedophilia is kept under wraps a lot from what I infer (is it really though? cause I haven’t really researched in the subject much honestly, and i’d like to know) But I mean if stuff like that concerning Pedophiles hiding things they did, then there could be a link between ABDLs and pedophiles. And people catch pedophiles yeah, but I don’t think they always find everything they did. I find ABDL odd though, so perhaps that’s my bias. But I think moreover the point was the mindset that comes with ABDL is a bad one, and I agree with that, that’s it’s not good for people’s mental health. Although, I feel I could know more about ABDLs to more properly assess the situation.

I feel he could have given more information about ABDL’s. Cause it is an obscure thing, but he should have sucked it up for a little just introduced the facts about it objectively first, so that it can be better assessed. But overall I thought it was still a good video that makes people think, and be aware of what’s going on in the world.

I don’t really think it was implied in the video that there’s a “Cult of Turning Everyone Into Babies” lol.. I think it was more about how it’s not a healthy mindset, and political correctness is making it something that is a norm with constant policing of “Hey, let them do whatever the hell they want”.

I feel it goes a lot deeper than that though. I mean, yeah it’s not like there is a bunch ABDL’s going insane and killing people, or actual evidence of it being bad for the brain. I just feel people take it too for granted that they can just do whatever, and their choices don’t affect people. “People should do whatever they want, and others shouldn’t judge” is a good idea, but it’s become a dangerous platitude that people are starting to apply to everything. say: Someone wants to start a mafia. That’d be hard to argue for, but say the people starting it may think “Hey it’s just to protect people, and make money”. Or moreover a real example, People were defending a man who was having sex with horses, making arguments that “it doesn’t affect anyone else”, and that animals could somehow show its consensual? And even if they did, that somehow it’s a great thing? All emotions aside, objectively it won’t be good mentally, it won’t be good for the population growth, culturally, morally more crimes will be caused because there is no more limits to what a person can do. I’m not saying ABDL will specifically lead to beastility, and crime. But rather the political correctness developing where people are just dismissive, and say ” It doesn’t affect anyone else, and leave them alone” It’s an emotional pseudo morality with no roots in logic just based on the P.C. culture developing. People think standards are the devil now cause they’re taught it’s moral to defend against criticism. I’m not saying if I see someone doing that; that i’m going to confront them, and “show them the way”. I personally just think people need to think more, and stop being so automatically dismissive when people criticize.

I can agree with you on that, while I feel that it shouldn’t necessarily be a social norm I just feel it should take criticism at least. Like people should be skeptical about everything, not dismissive judging, but skeptical in the context of reflection. I think I can see what you mean with it just being rp with fetishism; I mean outside of the roleplay what I could tell from her is she seemed pretty normal, and nothing bad has come out of it as far as I’ve seen. Like I said, I just feel people should reflect on things more.

Conviction Rev Exactly that’s my thing if you have a fetish as long as it stays in doors its fine… but I do suspect that some would take it out into public due to “Humiliation” being a big thing…

I suppose that’s why I find fetishes so intriguing although I’m only ABDL myself…

I mean it just makes me wonder why…
why do people have fetishes
what causes fetishes
what is the variety of fetishes
what are the more common ones

but yeah… I’m sceptical about it Its just so… different… you know what I mean…

I also wonder why bestiality is a thing…
I believe its roots may exits in primitive mind sets… maybe that people would some how gain some sort of beat powers or something like having a child with them and having them inherit some of the attributes of the animal much how people use to believe that wearing the skin of a dead animal would give you its senses

as for Incest relationships it makes more sense biologically given that people are more likely to for bonds with people they are close to… which also explains why a twins have a higher likeliness to have incestuous relationships…

I feel a lot of fetishes are formed from the need for catharsis. Like BDSM and humilation, I would assume it gives the doms control over something, and subs like the ability to be vulnerable and safely controlled by someone. That’s just my theory on that. Beastiallity I feel is just a primal human thing with a touch of delusion, possibly by lonely individuals who have some contact with an animal, and their primal sexual instincts kick in more because the unconscious fear of not finding a mate. Yeah, and incestuous relationships I feel are what you said about the bonds..it’s like that thing how people often end up getting in relationships with people who were like there parents because a person grows up recognizing the good qualities the parents have, and ends up looking for that. And there’s also that unconscious primal desire for a mate. Those are just theories off the top of my head. Yeah, I like this channel, but at times I feel Paul gets too sensationalistic to leverage his point across and it just loosens credibility missing the point of things and stifles intelligent argument when he just slams the hammer down with condemning criticism. He makes some intelligent arguments, but when he gets sensationalistic it just muddies everything. Like with the coloring books; he might as well said drawing was regressing peoples’ minds into infants lol..which is ridiculous. That’s like saying adults playing handball is regressing peoples’ minds into children because handball was something people played as kids. And just his video about music getting dumbed down, there was a good message in there, and how music should be, but he got too opinionated about music types and disconnected from his intelligent argument, proceeded to just bashing things like other music genres on a slippery slope. He just needs to cut off the condemning criticism, and still to criticism that makes people think, and just away with the sensationalism cause it takes away from the good points. All in all, it’s ok to color in a color book, and draw lol

Likewise haha, it’s nice to have a nice thoughtful objective debate, lots of people feels strongly about things, but people can sit down and set their emotions down to reason with other human beings. I mean the whole point of something like “playing Devil’s advocate” isn’t to spitefully disagree, but rather stimulate thought by testing agreements. There was a time when people were less emotional, and more keen on finding the truth. It’s sad at times youtube comments, and people’s arguments degrade into ad hominem, and judgment. I’m glad to have talked with you, it’s nice to know not everyone is an asshole about things in youtube comments lol

The replies to this comment section made me realize why this generation is full of immature little babies. The adults are not only encouraging it, but following along with it, and it couldn’t be at a worse time for it to happen. Right now, in this world’s state, what we don’t need is for the people that we rely on to solve problems in a mature and logical manner (adults) to start acting like children and just ignore it as the problems intensify and the world burns.

People can disagree with one little factor of a video. Stop acting like a fascist, and let people agree to disagree. You’re acting like SJW’s do. Just because people color in a color book, much like the equivalent of drawing, and sketching.. doesn’t mean “we ignore the world burning”. To make such assumptions makes an ass out of yourself. Your argument is purely ad hominem, and “moral superiority” bashing, and I wasn’t going to reply because I have a feeling nothing good will come out of an argument. I just had to point this out though that you can’t just make some large harsh moral assumption about people you don’t even know on youtube comments. lol I won’t be replying to this comment thread anymore; I don’t want to agitate things. No hard feelings, cheers.

See, this is where the right fucking loses me. She’s an ADULT, however she acts does not make it paedophilia because SHE IS NOT A CHILD. I don’t understand how you people can be perfectly rational when it comes to liberals complaining about violence in videogames and movies, because it’s not real violence; but if a 21-year-old woman acts like a child then she IS a child? Who cares what kinky sex people get up to? I would only be concerned if they were, you know, FUCKING CHILDREN, because I’m a normal, sane human being who cares about children being abused more than policing the private lives of consenting adults.

One minute the left will say its alright for a 21 year old to pretend to be a baby with a man, next they will say if its alright for a 21 year old to be a baby and have a sexual relationship with a man when why not a real child sexual relationship with a adult man, everyday the left gets fucking worse.

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