$1000 in 10 Minutes Shopping Challenge!!!

So, you spent $1,000 on toys, for no actual reason, except for this challenge, when some other people are starving? Even as rich as my parents are, I would never do that. That’s sad, ‘Sis. vs Bro.’ channel.

Anjola Odupe it’s their choice you can’t just make them feel guilty by saying they spent all that money! They are rich, and did this for their fans and fun! So don’t make them feel guilty

iiKings Of Radio, If I was in their shoes, I would listen to their advice, and apologise. There’s no point in you, haters, yelling and being rude, because I’ve simply let my opinion out- again, i haven’t insulted them or sworn, unlike most of you, so do not judge me.

Anyways If they want to do it they could, They’re kids. And When you grow up you need to worry about other things and They won’t see the point of fun. AND BTW YOU CAN’T JUDGE US. THE KIDS NEED TO HAVE FUN! SO YOUR THE ONE WHO IS MEAN. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY BUT YOU DON’T KNOW THE POINT OF FUN AND THERE RICH, THEY STILL HAVE MONEY AND THEY CAN GIVE IT TO THE HOMELESS AND PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH HUNGER.

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