10 Travel Life Hacks You NEED To Know

Things everyone does on snapchat they don’t want to admit!
First, everyone uses filters when they aren’t looking their best. Whether you just woke up or are having a bad hair day, snapchat filters will cover it all! Next, we’ve all looked into getting surgery to look like that snapchat dog right…? oh just me? Just kidding, I really hope no one has done that. Third, we’ve all redone a “candid looking” snapchat because we didn’t like the angle, how our hair looked, etc.

Another Hack: if you are ever on vacation for a special event let the hotel know. So for example my husband and I were on our honeymoon and the asked what we were in Florida for and we told them our honeymoon. They upgraded up for free and gave us a free bottle of wine and one night of free room service. We originally went a little cheaper on the hotel so we would have more money for other things but because of the free upgrade we got to have a nice hotel room. It was awesome!

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